Dr. Lisa Townsend

BA (Hons.), MA, Ph.D, PGCE

Welcome to the home of speedy, responsive and affordable research, writing, and art! 


I am a researcher, writer, and artist based in Bangor, Northern Ireland. I live with my three Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, although as a foster carer for Cavaliers in Need the furry contingent is often greater than this!  Born premature, my deafness was diagnosed at three. As a result, I’ve spent a great deal of time on the fringes, and this gives me insights and perspectives others may not have. Partly because of my deafness, I’ve always tended to gravitate towards solitary occupations: reading, writing, drawing, painting. I’m fascinated by technology and how it enhances our lives; it has certainly transformed mine! Phone calls, for example, are now accessible to me thanks to apps such as Face Time. 


As a researcher, I am well grounded in research methodologies used by historians. As a writer, I work extremely quickly. This allows for speedy drafting, which enables swift progress to the editing stage. I pride myself on my flexibility and ability to respond precisely to a brief, regardless of the topic, time frame, or (within reason!) word count.  Illustration and portraiture is naturally slower, but together we’ll  find a timeframe that’s feasible and matches your needs. Deaf awareness is a little different, but again, your needs are paramount. I’ll work with you to find inventive solutions that improve accessibility while still going easy on your staff—and budget!


I’m open to all proposals, but I’m particularly interested in projects relating to history, heritage, education, accessibility, art, women’s history, technology (including assistive technology) and dog welfare.


Got a project in mind? Contact me and we’ll get started!